What is chlorine stabiliser?


Chlorine stabiliser is an organic compound that protects chlorinating products from the sun. It is also known as cyanuric acid and is sometimes referred to as “conditioner.” Water that is stabilised [...]

What is chlorine stabiliser?2018-04-03T12:45:00+08:00

What is “Total Alkalinity”?


Total Alkalinity (TA) is a measure of water’s resistance to changes in pH levels. A pool’s TA indicates the amount of alkali (not to be confused with alkaline) in the form of [...]

What is “Total Alkalinity”?2018-04-03T12:46:00+08:00

Do I need to brush my pool regularly?


Yes. Dirt, pollen, and algae will naturally collect in all the crevices of your pool, so use a pool brush to break it up. Regular churning of the water [...]

Do I need to brush my pool regularly?2018-04-03T12:47:10+08:00
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